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I have been lucky enough to have studied and worked with an eclectic range of artists who, along the way, became my ‘touchstones’ as well as friends and mentors. What connects the mastery of ragtime and gospel great Rev. Gary Davis, improvisation genius Lennie Tristano, jazz guitarist Attila Zoller, Portuguese composer Carlos Paredes, and master guitar luthiers Jimmy D’Aquisto and John Monteleone? This book looks into their world and art through my lens as a student, a friend, and as a musician who pays homage to them every time I pick up the guitar. Their originality provides inspirational lessons for music students as they move through their own creative journey.

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Feature documentary film on the life and music of Reverend Gary Davis
produced by Woody Mann
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“Mann blurs the lines between jazz, blues, classical, and world music creating his own sound in the process.  His wizardry on the fret board is matched by his ability to convey deep feelings with his songs – creating moods that incite, delight, or simply soothe. Attempts to categorize his music simply misses the point.   This is brilliant playing that demands to be heard.”