Delta Blues Guitar Duets

Delta Blues Guitar DuetsIn this unique lesson, Bob Brozman and Woody Mann describe and teach in detail duet arrangements in the styles of the great Delta blues guitarists: Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Willie Brown, Tommy Johnson and Son House.

Techniques and ideas for creating a cohesive guitar part that compliments, rather than competes or conflicts, are discussed. Each part is taught separately and presented in tablature and music notation. Woody and Bob also present effective techniques for improving improvisation skills while jamming with other musicians.

The tunes presented in this lesson can be used as repertoire pieces for either solo or duet situations. All in all, a very unique lesson giving you twice the amount of ideas and challenges from two of today’s blues guitar masters.

Titles include: Banty Rooster, Moon Goin’ Down, Bye Bye Blues, Robert Johnson’s Blues and Big Road Blues.