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89 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Louise Kurshan

    Hi Woody,
    It’s great to hear your music. You’re wonderful.
    I grew up down Bengeyfield Dr. from you and was a friend of Dana’s. My cousin, Josh Wilner, lived across the street from me and remembers giving you a guitar lesson.
    Anyhow, say hi to Dana when you talk to her.
    All the best,

  2. Franc " Boo " Bridges

    I really love the way you play and take a simple blues song to a different space, subtle phrasing. I have been playing and teaching for many years but you really have helped me to understand the fretboard so that everything I do be it composing, playing or teaching echos your influence. I now live on Krk Island in Croatia if you want to visit and play on this Island of paradise my wife and I would be very happy. Take care and many many thanks for your inspirational playing

  3. Jane Gennaro

    So Haywood,

    I’m thinking about the artisan working on one brick for five years, that you envisioned last night…
    I called it a “meditation”… our escape into art….but it’s also the definition of a discipline, a practice,
    a commitment to the smallest detail…. the attributes of a fine musician.

    It’s been ear opening listening to you play, and teach here in cyperspace.
    Look forward to being there for the real thing one fine day. Great meeting you! And Rod! Happy Fun time!

  4. valarie

    I am happy to have found your interest in Blind Blake. He was born in The Bahamas and one of our greatest musicians of all times known for his unique style. It reflected “old Bahamian style” of music. For many years he played at our international airport and was the first greeting in sound the millions of tourists heard when they landed to our shores. We are very proud of him and his legacy.

    Thank you for sharing your gift and love of music with me and the world. Bless you.


  5. Dave Richo

    Hey Woody, thanks for all the videos and music.
    When will you head to Australia for some shows?
    Spring time here at the moment, good time to head down!

    1. woody

      Hi Dave, Thanks. I’d love to be in Australia in the spring. Might be a few things on the horizon. Best, W

      1. woody

        Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad my music helped to inspire your own playing. That’s means a lot.
        I’ve been to Krk. Did a few shows there. Beautiful. I certainly miss Croatia, one of my favorite places. I hope to see you there one day in the not to distant future… Thanks again for the note and keep playing! W

  6. john king

    I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me to be able to access this kind of music and be able to learn and play it.All I can say is thank you very much .Yours sincerely John King.