1. Hiromitsu NakajimaJune 15, 2013

    Dear Mr.Woody Mann.I,m a Japanese man.My guitar career is about 37years.
    About 15years ago I saw your live with Isato Nakagawa who is Japanese acoustic guitarist.Do you remenber?
    I wss very moved your guitar playing! Your play was amazing!

  2. Ian DennisJune 13, 2013

    Thank you very much for last night at the Crooked Billet.

    Inspirational (and a bit intimidating!!) to an amateur guitar player.

    Hope to be able to come to Buxton and learn from a master.

    Ian and Jo Dennis

  3. james mcgrawJune 9, 2013

    Woody…I am a hearing impaired ( read as stone deaf ) guitar player but still play
    and really enjoy your teaching DVD’s. One suggestion please….we need to see more close ups of your left hand as you play. I read lips and can easily communicate with your ideas but I have trouble with seeing all of your fingering techniques.

    Thanks…you have become my favorite teaching instructor

    James Mc Graw

    1. woodyJune 10, 2013

      Thanks James, appreciate the kind words and the suggestion. I wish you good luck with your playing. Keep me posted.

  4. DougMay 27, 2013

    Watching the you tube video “Art of acoustic blues” great stuff Woody, thanks so much for your contribution to this great American art!


  5. John CerielloApril 11, 2013

    Greetings Woody,
    Hope all is well up in the Big Apple. We are working feverishly to get things buttoned up down here in Florida so we can get back home to NYC. Have a great tour in Europe this month and I’ll see you hopefully next month in May. Break a leg!!
    John C.

  6. Mike TupaFebruary 8, 2013

    Now, after almost 10 years I still go back to your tab and my tapes of your workshop sessions at Columbia. Not that I remain at that level but as I improve it gives me a new understanding of what you were teaching. Thanks for all that.
    Just wondering if you have any US workshops this summer. And, if any of them will be out here in Colorado or within the central-west US. Of course I’d love to join you in Italy. Maybe someday.
    Best to you, safe travels

    1. woodyFebruary 9, 2013

      Hi Mike, That’s great, glad the material is still offering you some new ideas. I do not have any USA workshops scheduled for the summer but I will be scheduling the winter series in NYC shortly. I’d love to make it out to the CO area again so keep checking the web site for updates. The Tuscany workshop is pretty great. Good luck with your music!. W


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