Careless Love

Careless Love (2018)

Acoustic Sessions Records / AS010


  1. Careless Love (4:10)
  2. Valzer Virgilio (2:25)
  3. Delia (4:02)
  4. About B. & B. (3:57)
  5. On The Same Day (4:22)
  6. A Night In Tbilisi (4:04)
  7. Great Dreams For Spence (2:50)
  8. Keep You Lamp Trimmed And Burning (2:55)
  9. Do I Have To Wait? (3:15)
  10. Ottava Cantana (3:02)

Bonus Track

11. E Blues Live (3:11)


CARELESS LOVE is a bucket of music I’ve been living with over the last few years inspired by songs from Italy and Appalachia, country blues improvisations and tunes from friends Attila Zoller and Robert Davoli. Also a few arrangements of the first songs I learned from Reverend Gary Davis. The music was recorded at clubs in the UK, in a stairwell in NYC, a church in Italy, during a BBC interview and in a studio in Delaware Water Gap, PA. Special thanks to Brian Glasman for his incredible musicianship and Bass mastery. The four duets with Brian were a total joy ride.