Heading Uptown


Released: Mar 18, 1997
℗ 1997 Shanachie Ent. Corp.



01. So Glad   2:46
02. Little Brother   5:19
03. On Her Way Home   4:42
04. We’ll be Alright   3:20
05. Uptown Tales   3:17
06. Romantic Dream   3:26 
07. Spanish Nights   4:24
08. Immigration Agent   3:48
09. And 3 Not 4   2:10
10. For BD   2:59
11. Nearer to God Than Thee   2:42

Woody’s incredible fingerstyle technique is perhaps only outdone by his ability to compose and arrange. He eloquently sets each song in the right setting of stunning harmonic and melodic phrasing and cool dynamics and rhythmic groove. Although his roots start in the ragtime blues of Rev. Gary Davis (his first teacher), and classical and jazz music, he continually evolves a style all his own. A class set with appearances by Terre Roach, Dave Keyes, Charlie Giordano and Danny Mallon.

“There are no rambling New Age guitar noodlings here: these tunes have vibrancy and life… an enormously talented and accomplished guitarist. Woody’s vocals are better than ever. It’s always a pleasure to witness an artist who just keeps getting better. This (“Heading Uptown” CD) has to be Woody Mann’s best album yet. Positively inspiring.” – FOLK ROOTS MAGAZINE UK

“Every now and then, you hear a guitarist whose sound is completely his own and whose music flirts with several styles, never resting for very long with just one. Woody Mann is an artist who seems to have internalized many different genres and combined them in a way that is more than the sum of its parts. What is remarkable is how he can draw from several styles and techniques within a single song and have them blend without the feeling of inconsistency. Woody Mann’s performance is inspired from start to finish.” – MUSICIAN MAGAZINE

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