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Music Samples

Page under construction. Please go to the individual CD info page for audio samples. 

Music Samples

Here are several sample tracks from Woody’s various recordings. 

From Road Trip:

Kary’s Trance
with Charlie Kratchy, sax

Through The Alley
with Brian Glassman,bs / Larry Wexer, mandolin

Church Hill Solo

Another Lisboa
with Brian Glassman,bs

A Night In Tbilisi
with Danny Mallon, percsussion / Dave Keyes, pno/ Brian Glassman, bs

From Stairwell Serenade:

Cat Burglar

Country Fair

From Stories:

Heading East

From Heading Uptown:

So Glad
with Danny Mallon, percussion

On Her Way Home
with Charlie Giordano, accordion

Immigration Agent
with Charlie Giodano, accordion