Stairwell Serenade



01. Cat Burglar
02. Bailadeira
03. Top Hat
04. Gypsy Girl
05. Country Fair
06. Mr. Guitar
07. Harlequin
08. Green River Rising
09. Blast Off
10. Spring is Here
11. Buggy Wagon
12. Bahama Mama
13. Stairwell Serenade

Available as mp3 download

An all-original solo acoustic instrumental recording. As usual Woody Mann presents proof that he is not only one of the best fingerstylists but also a great composer. On this CD Woody draws inspiration from several sources including Joseph Spence, Eddie Lang, Charlie Patton, Portuguese virtuoso Carlos Paredes, Skip James, and former teachers Rev. Gary Davis and Lennie Tristano. The result is a masterpiece.

“…Dazzling and technically flawless finger style guitar at its most listenable. Mann’s wizardry on the fret board is matched by his ability to convey deep feelings with his songs – creating moods that incite, delight, or simply soothe. Mann blurs the lines between jazz, blues, classical, and world music creating his own sound in the process. Attempts to categorize his music simply misses the point. This is brilliant playing that demands to be heard.” – SING OUT MAGAZINE

“With impeccable tone, gutsy phrasing, beautiful harmonies, and cool dynamics, Mann is in a class by himself.”- GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE

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