When I’ve Got The Moon



01. Fall
02. Love Tastes Like Strawberries
03. Can We
04. Each One of Them
05. Three Words
06. When I’ve Got the Moon
07. Do Your Duty
08. Coffee
09. Love Dance
10. Red Giant
11. Memories
12. Dry Cleaners from Des Moines
13. The Very Thought of You

“Together, Vogt and Mann spin musical stories that take you on an exiting new journey. It is truly a gallery of musical interplay and charm.” – VILLAGE PRESS, NY

Woody accompanies Susanne’s brilliantly phrased vocals. This is a very unique and rare album. It’s the type of music we just don’t get enough of. Woody provides jazzy acoustic fingerstyle arrangements of both old standards and new compositions. Susanne speaks with a German accent but you’d never know it to hear her sing – she’s got a classic jazz-blues voice which works perfectly with Woody’s jazz-blues background. Though the feel is basically jazz, as always Woody transcends genre to the point that it becomes difficult to classify his playing beyond simply declaring it great music.