Online Workshops 

The online workshops focus on specific styles and subjects. Working as a group as well as private one-to one lessons, each session offers a hands-on approach to learning new repertoire and techniques.  All participants will receive the music and tablature in advance of the workshop and a video of the material at the close of the session.  One week after the workshop we'll have a two hour follow up Q&A and performance session scheduled at a convenient time for all.  Enrollment is limited to six people to maximize the personal one-on-one time.  These sessions can’t take the place of being together in one place, but on their own they offer us more flexibility and in some ways a more intensive focus on the music. The next workshop is the Online Sunset Lake Guitar Retreat October 10&11th (details below). Please email me if you have any questions.  Thanks and stay safe... Woody 

Daily Schedule
EST (USA) time zone

Day 1:

Group session (with coffee breaks).
Overview of the material, tunes and techniques.
Private individual break out meetings.
Basic applied (must know) theory and application.
Fretboard chord logic and exercises.
5 - 6pm
Group session and video recording.

Day 2:

10 - 5pm
Individual 1 hr private lessons. 
(schedule to be determined on day 1)
Group wrap up 

One Week Followup
Discussion / Performance
(day/ time to be determined by the group)


Sunset Lake Online Guitar Retreat
October 10/11, 2020

Contemporary Roots

In this session l'll  be teaching a range of repertoire from traditional country blues to modern arrangements. The focus is on understanding the logic of the fret board and develop a pallet of musical tools including  syncopated picking, creating chord melodies, applying basic theory, and ways to create variations in a tune.  Space is limited to six participants.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.  email.    



Includes music charts and video.
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(click to enlarge)
NYC session (pre-Covid). Surrounded by talented players and a
room full of my signature Martin guitars. (had to take a photo) Honored!

"Woody Mann is a first class guitar player, a first rate performer and a knowledgeable scholar of traditional and vernacular music if there ever was one. His teachers included Reverend Gary Davis early on, and later, the venerable blind pianist Lenny Tristano. So the question naturally arises, what kind of teacher is he? With these three videos, Woody gives us the answer: he is a very good one." – SING OUT MAGAZINE