Woody Mann Trio

Danny Mallon, Percussion
Brian Glassman, Bass
Woody Mann, Guitar & Vocals

World-renowned fingerstyle guitarist Woody Mann is a living link to some of the greatest musicians ever, especially Rev. Gary Davis, his first guitar teacher. Like his early mentor, Mann is a vibrant interpreter of blues, ragtime and gospel music, but Mann is also known as the foremost blues guitar instructional guru and as a gifted composer.

His compositions expand on a blues foundation with soulful jazz, classical and world music elements. Mann has developed a truly unique style marked by ever-surprising melodic twists, while retaining the rhythmic snap and groove of the bluesmen who first set him on a quest to develop his phenomenal fingerpicking technique. His tunes are enhanced by an improvisational looseness that always pushes Mann to new artistic heights.

For this performance Mann is joined by bassist Brian Glassman and percussionist Danny Mallon, two versatile musicians who also appear on his brilliant 2005 CD, Road Trip (Acoustic Sessions Records).

In concert, the trio’s soaring improvisational interplay, whether innovatively edgy or echoing classic blues and jazz masters, never fails to amaze.

Expect many inspiring musical moments every time the Woody Mann Trio takes the stage.

Don’t miss a chance to see him; you are unlikely to hear anything- or anyone – better in the fields that Mann has chosen to master.” – The London Times.