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Blues Roots


Book / CD
English / German 

An original repertoire approach for fingerstyle country blues guitar. Blues etudes based on the techniques and styles of the masters. 

By playing these 40 original compositions in the style of Big Bill Broonzy, Reverend Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton and other masters of traditional blues you will learn in a simple and very direct way the essence of country blues guitar. Each piece has been composed as a clear and playable example of a specific style and illustrates the playing techniques and basic skills, and repertoire. 
The accompanying CD contains the performance of each tune as well as a slowed down version. 

Price: $25.00

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Lisboa (Book/CD)


Woody’s book, published by Oak Publications, Music Sales, comes with a companion CD and features transcriptions to 18 of his solo guitar compositions. The titles are from his albums Stories, Stairwell Serenade, and Heading Uptown including: Heading East, Lisboa, And 3 Not 4, Top Hat, Cat Burglar, Gypsy Girl, Slow Motion, Mr. Guitar, A Little Love a Little Kiss, Blind Arthur’s Breakdown, and Heading Uptown.

Price: $25.00

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