“I’m so glad I was able to attend such a terrific workshop this past Saturday, kudos to you and Woody, everything was great. I was blown away by Woody’s thoughtful and considerate teaching…I think it’s great the way he sits down and gives as much time as a student needs.” – H.M.

“Thanks again for a great weekend. In stating the obvious, it is always magic to hear you play and teach.” – R.G.

“I had the privilege of enjoying one of Woody’s weekend workshops. What a thrill. Woody was extremely gracious and patient. He presents the material in such a clear and simple way. My adrenaline was pumping just knowing I was learning from someone who is not only a great player, but also a direct link to some of the first generation guys.” – R.F.

“I was honored to have attended the Dec. 4-5 workshops with Woody. Woody is a great player and teacher. A true gentleman. I’m so glad to have attended” – D.

“Just a note to say how much I liked the class on Saturday. Woody you are a great teacher and interesting historian. I learned about guys I never heard of who are great. The tape of the day is invaluable and my recording came out great, the songs are easy to learn while listening to the tape.” – E.J.

“Woody – I just wanted to thank you again for the Gary Davis workshop last Sunday. You inspired me to try again at the age of 59 after many previous failures, and so far it’s going really well. With gratitude.” – J.W.

“Hey Woody, I really enjoyed the Mississippi workshop over the past three weeks. The material we covered is such a great foundation for ‘the sound,’ which is exactly what I wanted going into the workshop. So, I know where I want to go, and now I have the map.” – H.H.

“Thank you for the workshop this past weekend in Berkeley. It was great fun, though my fingers were a bit sore by Sunday night I really appreciate your patient, easy-going teaching style, especially for those of us who are still new to the music world. I’m looking forward to working on the tunes, checking out some of your additional videos (Fretboard Logic) and hopefully attending future workshops as well. Thanks again for the inspiration!” – S.S.