Weekend Workshop
Brattleboro, Vermont 
August 18-20, 2017


  • Focus on understanding what you are playing
  • Practical improvisation / new repertoire 
  • Student performance
  • Individual attention
  • Relaxed, inclusive environment
  • Limited enrollment
                                                  Blues Roots & Beyond


This special weekend seminar will focus on practical approaches for developing fingerstyle technique and repertoire. Woody will be teaching a wide range of repertoire including the styles of Lonnie Johnson, Reverend Gary Davis, Eddie Lang, Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, as well as contemporary fingerstyle. He will break down the complexities into a  “toolbox” for developing simple chord melody ideas, syncopated picking and understanding the logic of the fret board.  This seminar focuses on understanding what you are playing and developing practical approaches for creating variations within a tune. Some of the ideas covered are ways to “play off” the chords, basic practical exercises for understanding the fingerboard, playing with dynamics, organizing your practicing and ways to develop your own sound.

This is a hands on practical workshop. It is designed for guitarists who can play the basics but would like to take their music to the next level and learn some great tunes in the process.   Please get in touch by  email if you have any questions. Looking forward to meeting everyone. –  Woody



Friday, August 18th
3pm -5 Arrival
5 – 7:30pm opening session

Saturday,August 19th
10 am- 6 pm
9 pm- 11:00pm  performance, playing session

Sunday, Sunday, August 20th
10 am – 4pm

Brattleboro, Vermont
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$600 USD
Includes all materials, recordings, snacks, lunch on Saturday and Sunday

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